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So, what is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is generally thought of as the cooling of air in rooms. However, the new generation of conditioners are multi-functional and include heat pumps, as well as the control of humidity and removal of small particles and impurities, such as dust and tobacco smoke, from the air.

Long gone are the days when large, leaky, ugly, noisy units were the only means to condition the air. Nowadays, small, discreet units - which whisper in operation - are the norm. Once installed, you'll hardly notice they are there, except that your level of personal comfort will have improved dramatically.


How much does it cost?

We cannot quote for an "average" conditioning system. Each location is different and several factors have to be taken into account. These factors include the aspect of a building, i.e., which way does it face (south facing rooms will have vastly different conditioning needs to a north facing room); what level of insulation is present; how many heat generators (computers, printers, photocopiers, kettles - even people) are present; is there a suspended ceiling and if so, what is the ambient temperature in the ceiling void and below it.

We then feed all the information necessary into a bespoke computer programme which will calculate the necessary amount of cooling required. Options can then be fed in, i.e. the fitment of blind to south facing windows and glass doors; the addition of insulation etc. The progamme thus enables us to ascertain the most cost effective mix of external influences and conditioners. It could be that the number of conditioning units can in this way be reduced drastically, at the smaller expense of adding blinds etc., thereby reducing your overall running costs.

Overall running costs can be broken down into the following:-

  • Initial purchase
  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement

Our maxim is "If you buy purely on price, you'll surely pay twice."

If the wrong unit is fitted, it can be extremely detrimental to overall running costs.


Over-provide, i.e. too many conditioning units or too high powered a unit and the initial price of the unit(s) will be over high. Under-provide and the units will run too hard, draining extra energy and importantly, increasing the likelihood of failure, thereby increasing energy, maintenance and eventually, replacement costs respectively.

Providing the correct balance is by far the safest bet and as such, we need to visit any premises requiring conditioning, to provide a free quotation on your exact requirements.