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Welcome to the Cooltemp web site.

Cooltemp specialise in the provision of installed air conditioning for homes, offices, factories - indeed anywhere that air conditioning is necessary, in the south east of England, but especially in Kent, where we are based. Please note that we do not supply the smaller, mobile units to be found in DIY stores.

We're happy to fit one conditioner, or a hundred, anywhere in Kent, Sussex, Essex and the London regions - and further afield for larger contracts.

We pride ourselves on providing the best products - from the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment including Daikin and Mitsubishi - and the very best in installation and maintenance support.


When we have completed an installation, we believe you may be surprised to find the working area is cleaner than when we started.

You should notice little difference in the appearance of your premises, be it bedroom or office, gymnasium or restaurant. We know however, that your own comfort level - and that of any visitors - will be appreciably enhanced.

Productivity at work within the conditioned environment can show marked improvement too; comfortable workers are happier than shivering or sweltering workers and will work harder as a result.


Visitors to your restaurant or shop will be more comfortable and therefore are likely to remain for a longer period and return more often.

Overall therefore, you may well find that the provision of conditioners pays for itself in no time.

Once installed, you'll hardly notice they are there, except that your level of personal comfort will have improved dramatically.